two sides to a mirror

Hello world,

Today I am bringing you two images. Same model, same lights, same camera, same film, same lens with a different feel. The idea I had was to depict my model (Amy, thank you!) with two distinct feelings. One she is herself and one she is 180 degrees the other way.  (you can decide which is which) Hairstyle, makeup, attire and expression are flipped. While changing all of these things she still looked  too close to the same. So during shooting I decided to actually turn her 180 so it would show different tattoos and a little different posture. That is all it took. Glad I went that little bit more. Keep pushing and observe.

Both of these images were made on paper with an 8×10 deardorff camera with a 300mm Voigtlander .

The first image I really took control of the light and was very adamant about placement of the beauty dish and taking it a little further away from her face to harden the shadows just a bit while adding a soft focus filter to soften the contrasting edges. A silver reflector is just a little over a foot from her front shoulder. The lens had a bit of swing to get most of her face in focus as the lens was only a f4.5

The second image the light was brought in a bit closer and more forward to broaden the light and open up the scene a bit. The reflector and soft focus filter are removed and the swing was removed.

Hope you’ve enjoyed.

Keep on clickin’

Parker J