The resurrection has begun!


Allow myself to introduce myself…

This is a me. It’s a pretty good likeness of me most of the time. Minus the hair. That is actually white Buffalo hair! But that’s another story for another time.
So who am I?
I’m a man, I’m a father, I’m a lover and a fighter. I attempt to find new ways to do most everything, all the time. From my personal life to my professional life. It’s fun for me and at times, a bit maddening. I mean for real, how many more ways can a guy put on his pants… Speaking of my professional life, the one where I make money to support my family, I am classified in most circles as an artist.
Now, some circles break it down into this: photographer/filmmaker/mentor/writer/chef/musician/creator, although I don’t make a living with the chef/musician piece. But my foraged wilderness pancake with local smoked pork chop and a mushroom/onion/mustard reduction with mustard greens, horseradish and 6 minute egg is to die for.
Curiosity leads me along.
Wonder is my prize.
Experience is what I get to take with me.
AND, thats about it.
Oh and my Pa’s (Homer) quote:
“The person with the most stories wins”. 

Big news over here!

I am finishing up a web based art store for prints and books, resurrecting this blog and launching a newsletter as bi-weekly event with stories, tips and techniques. 

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