Moonrise over thunderhead

Moonrise over thunderhead.
This image was made the day before the newest blood moon eclipse. I was in eastern South Dakota, heading home from my Annual Badlands Workshop, with clear views and lucky enough to be in an area where they were burning fields. The smoke for the fire gave a color tint to the atmosphere. I kinda got a two-fer!
I find it fascinating how just a few minutes can alter an image so significantly. The first one I made is ok. I was excited about it at the time , with the sun still hitting the thunderhead.
But the second made just a 15-20 minutes later and few miles away with a little different perspective and different lighting conditions make it So yummy! Patience grasshopper. I kept hearing that in my head…
This also demonstrates the amount of detail lurking in the shadows of a #fujigfx50r file!!! #protectyourhighlights

Here is the first shot…

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