Day 7 of the Hwy 80 project

Hold on to the things you love.

3 doors down from the following story, meet Travis and little Hendrik. I just happened to see them in the driveway and thought I would ask about if they had seen any log trucks in the area. Both of these stories will actually come from a search for the loggers.
He didn’t have any leads for me but his friend he was talking to in the drive suggested I meet his father. Remember Mr. Joe? Well thats how this whole project started to fall together. All of these folks are connected in such a personal way. They are all hand me downs. Hmm, maybe thats the title!?
Well, little Hendrik was so cute and serious that I had to make a portrait of them. Ok, now rewind 10 minutes and 3 doors down…

Remember Otha from a week ago, the gentleman with the shotgun? Well, this is Ranara his beautiful bubbly wife.
While I was making Otha’s portrait, he told me about his wife and her famous chickens. I asked him if he could talk his wife into a portrait too.
Just then I hear her say “No NO I aint doin’ no pictures. I look a mess”. I told her how amazing she looked and if I had hair I would want it to look just like hers. She laughed and laughed. I think she was actually picturing it on me! “Are you sure I can’t make a portrait of you too”? She replied, “I will do it if I can hold one of my chickens”. I replied, “Thats a great idea”. Well hell, I didn’t even need to talk her into my idea. She volunteered it! Perfect!

I will be revisiting Highway 80 and meeting new people in the spring on my way to my Austin Texas workshop. See you there?
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