Day 10 of the Hwy 80 project

Instead of the full story of these two images, I will let you make your own story this time.
I once heard Alec Soth say that photographs are like poetry. It is the absence of all the information that makes it compelling.
I have always said that a good photograph begs more questions than answers.
So maybe telling the whole backstory sells the viewer short of having their own experiences.
On the other hand, information builds context and allows the viewer a deeper understanding of the artist and not necessarily the work being viewed.
I guess I will keep on pushing and experimenting with the push of curiosity.

From Sept 15-22, 2020 I will be leading a workshop in Morocco teaching, demonstrating and living what I do as a photographer. All of it! EVERYTHING! We will start with the idea and push all the way through to the finished image. All of the tech stuff, the art stuff and the heart stuff will be covered. More information can be found in my profile link to my site.

Sign up before Sunday Dec 8 and receive 4 hrs of 1on1 mentoring.

Many have asked about the set up for these portraits. Here it is.
I park my van, that is 11’ tall, perpendicular to the sun so that it produces a shade. A 56” roll of white seamless paper is laid across the top of my feet to keep it out of the dirt. I unroll it upward as far as I can reach and place 2 industrial magnets on the corners. I pull my feet out and Viola. In under 1 minute my studio is ready.

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