A wicked shoot Part 3/6

Hello World!

Thanks for stopping by again for part 3! If you missed the previous post, catch up on it first. Today I want to share some more fruit of a 6 week project that was just completed and displayed last Friday May 30 for one night only.

To pull off the personification of these brews we had to get to know them. What are the ingredients, how does it pour, what is the color, how do you describe the taste, how is the nose and oh yea, can you walk after two of them, were the questions we set out to answer. We found the best way to accomplish this was to drink them all and as much as we could. I think it worked, well, maybe, I cant remember. Anyway, after gathering this very important data we started to develop the full look of the character and their set or cameo design. I wanted each set to have the same proportion and similar geometric look with a vastly different feel. Each one would be made out of a 4×8 sheet of poly-styrene with a hole cut out of the center to give a “cameo” type look. I wanted the characters to brake the plane of the cameos to  give depth and dimension. Lighting this was going to be a challenge by doing this but more on that later…

Here are a two that demonstrate how we made these characters and the brews they personify. I bundled our data with random beer advocates data below.

Serenity: “pours a golden straw color, taste is crisp and bright, hay and farm field aroma”

Dark Age: “pours like oil, dark chocolate blends smoothly with bourbon, Very big very bold, a serious sit you down brew”

Today allow me to introduce you to Serenity & Dark Age .  More of the story and imagery tomorrow!

wicked weed serenitywicked weed dark age

Serenity: Morgan Purdy

Dark Age: Trebor Clavette

Photography and Film: Parker J Pfister

Wardrobe & Stylist: R. Brooke Priddy @ Ship to Shore

Wardrobe for Black Angel @ Royal peasantry

Hair: Amy Grooms @ Wink Salon

Make-up: Scott, Serenity and Zack @ Make up at Grove Arcade

Jewelry: Amber Hatchett Designs

Floral: Beth @ StudioFloraDiva

Falconer: Jeff Curtis with RocketGirl at Curtis Wright Outfitters and The Biltmore Estate

And a special thanks to Micah Pulleyn for recommending and pulling off this party!