A wicked shoot Part 2/6

Hello World!

Thanks for stopping by again for part 2! If you missed the previous post, catch up on it first. Today I want to share some more fruit of a 6 week project that was just completed and displayed last Friday May 30 for one night only.

Having a crack team was so important to this job. Each one knowing what the characters we had dreamed up would feel like not look like but feel like. Bringing in the insane talent of Master Hair Stylist Amy grooms was essential for the character development. She hand made custom wigs for some of the characters to bring them to life.  I had no idea what she had made until shoot time. She was in control of that vision and she killed it as you will see throughout this series. The make-up was left completely in the hands of Scott, Serenity and Zack from Make up at Grove Arcade. Over the top would be an understatement. With just a bit of the character development they brought each character to a whole different level. I know what I am good at and I let other do what they are good at. (recipe for a healthy collaboration)

Today allow me to introduce you to Black Angel & White Angel.  More of the story and imagery tomorrow!

Wicked Weed Black AngelWicked Weed White Angel

Black Angel: Amanda Swafford

White Angel: Zhenya Lazarchuk

Photography and Film: Parker J Pfister

Wardrobe & Stylist: R. Brooke Priddy @ Ship to Shore

Wardrobe for Black Angel @ Royal peasantry

Hair: Amy Grooms @ Wink Salon

Make-up: Scott, Serenity and Zack @ Make up at Grove Arcade

Jewelry: Amber Hatchett Designs

Floral: Beth @ StudioFloraDiva

And a special thanks to Micah Pulleyn for recommending and pulling off this party!