A wicked shoot Part 1/6

Hello world,

Thanks for stopping by! Today I want to share the fruit of a 6 week project that was just completed and displayed last Friday May 30 for one night only.

I was commissioned  by the Wicked Weed Brewing to design a photo art installation for the Funk Asheville Sour Brew Party that would take place at their new barrel aging facility.  We found we have the same mentality when it comes to projects; Go big or go home. I pitched the idea designing the barrels in a way so we could hang some very large scale images printed on a translucent material and backlit between them to give the lighting to the whole event. At this point I had no idea what I was going to photograph but it was enough to get the dreams started.

If we were gonna go big we needed a team. First on the list I called on the “style tsunami” R. Brook Priddy to act as stylist, wardrobe engineer and co-dreamer. We came up with the idea that we would personify a selection of 10 beers that The Wicked Weed brews. With names like Malice, Serenity, Black Angel, etc, how could we not? After “getting to know” the taste, ingredients and  description of each of the beers we started to see the characters develop and eventually decided that each of the beers would actually be personified as twins. Then we would build 10 different sets, 10 different wardrobes, 10 different lighting changes and then print them all ten feet tall!

Today allow me to introduce you to Malice & Amorous.  More of the story and imagery tomorrow!

wicked weed amorousWicked Weed MaliceWicked Weed Funk Asheville

Malice: William Merzlak

Amorous: Trecy Bergen

Photography and Film: Parker J Pfister

Wardrobe & Stylist: R. Brooke Priddy @ Ship to Shore

Hair: Amy Grooms @ Wink Salon

Make-up: Scott, Serenity and Zack @ Make up at Grove Arcade

Jewelry: Amber Hatchett Designs

Floral: Beth @ StudioFloraDiva

And a special thanks to Micah Pulleyn for recommending and pulling off this party!