a wicked shoot 5/6

Hello World!

Thanks for stopping by again for part 5! If you missed the previous post, catch up on it first. Today I want to share some more fruit of a 6 week project that was just completed and displayed last Friday May 30 for one night only.

I think these two are where we really came together on the vision. The cameos were to be playing cardish and I think we pulled that off really well. The Hair was freakin’ slayed by Amy! The Jewels and Crown were hand made for the shoot by Amber and she killed it! Make up was spot on perfect with the MakeUP at Grove team. Brooke’s amazing style and fabrication came into play big on Freak Double. The ruffled collar was hand made stitching over 100 doilies together to finish up the look. Now as long as we get Louis(doggy) to do what he is supposed to do we would be set! As it were we had to keep throwing doggy treats into the foam. Viola. Well after about 15 times! ha  Oh yea and incase you are wondering about the queens head… It was  made by carefully combining thee shots. The light had to be right on the severed head because I used a dramatic uplight as my main light so I couldn’t just copy her existing head. I shot the queen standing with the knife and her hand extending down to where she would be holding her head, then the second shot was her holding her wig and crown in that hand and the third and final shot was to have the queen put her wig back on and sit in front of the cameo at the hand level. Then combine all of them together. The key was the holding the wig shot. It was the bridge and made it easy to pop it in there without looking to funky.

Today allow me to introduce you to Freak Double  & Oblivion .  More of the story and imagery tomorrow!

Wicked Weed Freak DoubleWicked Weed Oblivion

Freak Double: Erika Brodland

Oblivion: Terry Ayoub & Louis

Photography and Film: Parker J Pfister

Wardrobe & Stylist: R. Brooke Priddy @ Ship to Shore

Hair: Amy Grooms @ Wink Salon

Make-up: Scott, Serenity and Zack @ Make up at Grove Arcade

Jewelry: Amber Hatchett Designs

Floral: Beth @ StudioFloraDiva

Louis (doggy): Heather Smith

And a giant THANK YOU to my second third and fourth hands! My beautiful wife Melissa, Katherine Jordan, Nicole McConville and Jei Shepherd.