a wicked shoot 4/6

Hello World!

Thanks for stopping by again for part 4! If you missed the previous post, catch up on it first. Today I want to share some more fruit of a 6 week project that was just completed and displayed last Friday May 30 for one night only.

Genesis=Snakes, yep snakes, real snakes and brave models. The trick, well besides talking the models into letting us put snakes on them, was to figure out how to get the ball python to lay on the cameo opening. So, this cameo me had to make out of plywood and mount brackets around the opening to allow the snake something to cling to and hold the snakes weight.  This is a composite of several images. Clearly there isn’t a 3 headed snake… We went with a spin on Adam and Eve, added the 6 headed serpents, and the tropical theme as the brew this represents is made on tropical fruits.

Cardinal Sin, “pours a beautiful red hue and is slightly sweet and innocent” We went in that direction with this piece. Innocent, red and sweet. Two humans close together. Pushing the envelope for sure but leaving it up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Today allow me to introduce you to Genesis  & Cardinal Sin .  More of the story and imagery tomorrow!

wicked weed genesiswicked weed cardinal sin

Genesis: Jacqueline & Trebor Clavette

Cardinal Sin: Morgan Purdy & Drew Shook

Photography and Film: Parker J Pfister

Wardrobe & Stylist: R. Brooke Priddy @ Ship to Shore

Hair: Amy Grooms @ Wink Salon

Make-up: Scott, Serenity and Zack @ Make up at Grove Arcade

Jewelry: Amber Hatchett Designs

Floral: Beth @ StudioFloraDiva

Snakes: Steve O’Neil

And a special thanks to Micah Pulleyn for recommending and pulling off this party!