Highlands Rockwood Lodge Wedding Photographer
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Highlands Rockwood Lodge Wedding Photographer

It seems that no matter how busy a wedding day is, there is an almost inexplicable moment of calm just before the bride leaves the room where she got ready and heads to meet her beloved. In this case, a room tucked into the Blue Ridge mountains at the Rockwood Lodge at Old Edwards Inn. A moment's break between the planning, the careful attention to detail, the hours making sure everyone in the wedding party is ready, and the beautiful time it has all been leading up to. The bride gets this little space to take a deep breath, calm any lingering jitters, and just simply be. I exist in that moment to fade into the background as best I can and capture the feeling of this moment for her. I feel like her serenity is almost tangible, and here in Highlands, North Carolina, the surrounding beauty only adds to that feeling for the couple and their guests. 

Location: 445 Main St, Highlands, NC 28741.