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Highlands NC Wedding Photographer

When you have a wedding in Highlands, North Carolina there's always a chance of rain. Actually, when you have a wedding anywhere there's a chance of rain. But the question is do we embrace it or do we let it spoil our day? This particular couple not only embraced it with me but danced in it. While they stayed relatively dry under the umbrella, I was getting soaked for the shot, but it was completely worth it. This is a small lake near the Old Edwards Inn farm. They are actually standing on the peninsula, not an island, but while making the image I realized that if one half of the image were to be flipped and mirrored it would appear to be an island. I am usually quite hands off on the image as far as post-production goes but I had envisioned this as an island so I created this art piece for them. I asked them to go out on the point and do whatever came naturally. While I ran around to the other side of the lake, they had gotten quite comfortable under their shelter and no posing was needed. This was made just a couple hours before their wedding ceremony at The Farm at Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina. One of the Gems of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Location: 445 Main St, Highlands, NC 28741.