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Highlands Wedding Photographer

I love a bride that isn't afraid of anything and will trust me that whatever we do it will be visually worth it.  This particular bride not only trusted me, but encouraged me to push limits!  While she was dry under the waterfalls I was getting soaked to the bone for this image but it was completely worth it. There is a small access road that goes under the falls which is where the bride was walking. If you catch it when the wind is right you can be directly under the falls and stay completely dry. We did have the wind on our side this day! This is a small waterfall near the The Farm at Old Edwards Inn named Bridal Veil Falls. Pretty fitting for this image I thought. I placed my camera on my tripod and dialed in a long exposure and had the bride hold very still for the first half of the exposure and then walk out of the frame stopping occasionally. This created the ghostly fleeting bride. I love giving life to a still image. It still moves in a static form. This was made just a couple hours before their  wedding ceremony at the farm at old Edwards Inn in Highlands North Carolina. One of my favorite wedding venues in Highlands!