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Asheville Portrait Photographer

Hey there! My name is Parker J Pfister and I am a Portrait Photographer serving Asheville, Boone, Highlands, Cashier,Brevard,Black Mountain,Maggie Valley, Waynesville, Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, Knoxville, The Smokey Mountains, Gatlinburg and many more.

We believe a portrait should mark a time in a person’s life while remaining timeless. When viewed it should be emotive, an experience to remember.

We merge historical techniques and mediums, some over 100 years old, with modern technologies to create one of a kind pieces for your family heirlooms. Whether it is your children, maternity, couples, grandparents or even your friend, these soulful portraits will be original and one of a kind!

Destination Portrait Photographer

While I photograph a majority of the portraits here in the Western North Carolina Asheville area, I travel for portrait photography as well. I have traveled as far as Mexico, Australia and Italy for my portrait work. New York, Los Angeles and Miami/Tampa are more common though. I am known for my Original Portrait work that some find they can not obtain anywhere else which is why I find myself on a plane flying to them. I love those kind of clients and now friends. You may think that I am too far away for a portrait but I may be coming to your town. Just ask and we can see if we can connect and I can make a beautiful Portrait for you and your family.