"Do the Work"shop (a photographic workshop for the soul.)  STUDIO AND PORTRAIT EDITION

Asheville, NC | Dec 4-07,2016

The purpose of this workshop is to allow photographers to find the connection 
between their photographic voice, the camera and their minds. We all dream up 
amazing images in our mind but rarely see them through to the final image. 
We have to embrace the technical end of the camera in order to free our minds 
to just create or react.  We will break through the boring and make something 
interesting. We will look far past the obvious. We will fail together and we will 
grow together through a series of shooting drills covering light (finding it and 
making it), composition, location shoots with models, worst case scenarios 
and the wonderfully unexpected. This workshop will be what you make it. 
You will learn the most important aspect of being an artist, 
to inspire yourself and to teach yourself! This is after all about YOU NOT ME! 
How I see and shoot a scene matters not. It’s how YOU react and create that will 
be long lasting.  Through my unique teaching style I put you in a space to learn 
to teach yourselves and to open the doors of your personal creativity.
One photographer’s creative rut may be just the place you want to be standing.
You will be challenged at any level and you will grow. This I promise you! 
There will be a Sunday afternoon opening so we can all get to know one another
and we can take a peek at everyone’s work (portfolio review),
followed by a dinner party!! 
Monday starts early with shooting exercises to get our heads all pointed in the 
same direction. Then the models arrive where we will shoot
in all types of scenarios and push into unchartered territories, all the while looking
far past the obvious!
The pushing, challenging, editing, laughing, crying and learning  will go all day 
Monday through Tuesday evening. Wednesday we normally edit our work to 
polish the images.  Occasionally the group would rather shoot more. We are flexible
and follow.There will be little sleep and brain overloads.

This workshop is directed at the photographer 
with an abundance of refined art.
Your retainer of 30% will reserve you a space in this workshop.
This workshop will be limited to 10 and usually sells out fast. 

An investment of $2450 will include your accommodations  
model fees, location fees, artisan breakfast, lunch, dinners and transport 
while you are here!! You will just need to get here!
Our airport code is AVL.  You can fly into Charlotte and drive 2hrs  or 
Atlanta and drive 3 Hrs. I do recommend AVL though.

Contact us for your spot!

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