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Today I am bringing you the first installment of a 5 part post that visualizes the time I have spent experiencing The Biltmore Estate and its weddings. It has taken me the better oart of the week to find and sort through all of the amazing moments and people that I have had the honor to photograph on the Biltmore Estate over the years.

Before I moved to Asheville 7 years ago I would have been classified as a destination wedding photographer shooting the majority of weddings worldwide and only a couple locally. While I loved traveling around photographing weddings it was becoming a bit much if we wanted to start a family and have time to live life right. Enter The Biltmore Estate, that big beautiful mansion in my backyard that people from around the globe come to fall in love, get married, celebrate anniversaries and bring their kids to experience. Starting the cycle all over again. I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience these moments with some amazing people. I am honored that they trusted in me to document and create, through my vision, their wedding day. With the diverse scenes at The Biltmore Estate I still feel like I am traveling around the world without leaving my community. I just wanted to say thank you to The Biltmore and all of the amazingly talented wedding vendors for believing, trusting and supporting me.  I do still travel a lot for weddings but not enough to interfere with living life right here in Asheville NC.  I have so many images I want to share that I have to break it up into 5 posts. Stay tuned for post 2 tomorrow! Enjoy!

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  • Dan - June 2, 2013 - 3:45 pm

    Beautiful! Love your subtle use of textures to romanticize the moments.ReplyCancel

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