Photographers who happen to be women?

hello world,

Today I have something that I just have to ask. (although some here say I shouldn’t)

I just want to get this out there, air it out a bit and get some insight from the photo public. Male and female.

I also feel the need to stand up for some of my photographer friends that happen to be women and happen to be amazing.

Disclaimer …..I am in no way trying to offend, stir up bees or anything of the sort. I am in no way stating that I don’t like women photographers and I am in no way saying that men are better photographers. Those would be very stupid pig headed statements. I actually feel quite the opposite. Ok, so now that you know where I am coming from……

I have been hearing about this photo magazine for women. Its description is as follows…

“PIX is a photography lifestyle magazine for women. If you love to snap photos, chances are you’re pretty creative and artsy about the rest of your world too. It’s important to you that your business is modern and cool, you’ve always got an eye out for hip clothing and accessories, and looking professional and shooting well are top priorities.  If this sounds like you, PIX is here to help! In each issue you’ll find tips, ideas, products and trend reports for women in photography. PIX also includes features, beauty and fashion tips and much more!”

Here are a few cover articles for this issue…

“Get stronger, Follow our Fitness Tips”

“Shoot in Style, more than 50 irresistible accessories”

“Smudge-proof makeup tips for long days behind the camera”

Could this be more offensive to women?!

When I first read this I was immediately disgusted.  I found it extremely degrading to photographers who happen to be women. It reads like a Cosmo or even a Tiger Beat! It screams that women photographers should worry more about trends, clothing options and smudge-proof makeup than any actual photography techniques. As long as we are cool, trendy and beautiful all is well. Who needs to know what an f stop means. Does my nail polish match my L lens? Flats or pumps? You get the idea.

I guess i’m just pissed that this publication and those like it make women look weak in the world of photography when this is the farthest from the truth. Some of the most iconic images in history were made and will be made by a photographer that happened to be a woman.  I’ll list a few off the top of my head, actually off of my bookshelf. These are photographers that have inspired me and thousands of others.

Diane Arbus

Margaret Bourke-White

Bernice Abbott

Eve Arnold

Dorothea Lange

Imogen Cunningham

Annie Leibovitz

Mary Ellen Mark

Joyce Tenneson

These of course are just a few, but ones that get me in the heart.

Seriously can’t we just be photographers?

Next thing you know there is going to be a trash photo mag for men out called Dix.

Lets see what some of the cover stories would be there…

“How to shoot a 12 hour day and not feel like there is a 1/4 of water in your underwear”

“Boxers or jockeys for those 100 degree days”

“Best facial hair for a beach wedding”

Ok so do you as women also find this magazine degrading or am I way off base here.

My feeling is if you’re in the magazine… get out! It is just feeding the morons that are making a buck at the cost of segregation.

There’s the topic of the day…. Discuss.

Keep on clickin’

Parker J (photographer)


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  • Kevin Mullins (Photographer) - July 10, 2012 - 2:40 pm

    Amen Parker…. a sentiment on segregation based on profit. Good commentary on a very badly thought out Idea I think. There are so many good photographers in the world (that happen to be female) that this kind of publication is just simply not necessary.ReplyCancel

  • Parker, you couldn’t be any more right. We as photographers that happen to be women (and many times, moms too) have to fight to be considered real professional photographers, proving that we are more than moms with a camera. And, then this mag comes out and sets us back some more. Yes, do I worry about fashion, make up and beauty tips. Sure, but that is why I buy fashion magazines. When I want to educate myself in my career, this PIX is not a magazine I will subscribe to. It is pretty appalling.ReplyCancel

  • Jeanne Mitchum - July 10, 2012 - 2:55 pm

    Preface: Please excuse my terrible writing. I make lots of mistakes!

    I’m in full agreement with you but my mind goes beyond this type of stuff. I pretty much disagree and detest anything that generalizes a certain type of people in any way. Magazines like this are pointless. I come from the belief that we are ALL uniquely made and therefor we are all quite different. Magazines like this put people into boxes and they assume a lot of things that you cannot assume about a group of people. I do get offended by this type of stuff because I rarely fit into what they are proclaiming to be “women” things/issues/likes/dislikes. If I were of weak character (not trying to build myself up here just making a point) I could then think that because I am different I am somewhat of a loser or freak. Our society/culture has really ruined this idea that we are all unique and different and I am frustrated with it. There’s so much nonsense out there that is gender specific stuff and most of it is just generalities which are not true. Yes, I think we should just be “photographers.” I am also a bass player and I HATE it when people are so amazed that I am a “chick” bass player as if that makes me so special. I don’t play half as well as some of the other guys in the band, but for some reason I’m looked at differently. It’s truly annoying. This magazine and other things like it just feeds into what is still segregation in our culture, I liken it to the old school segregation of blacks and whites. It’s totally the same, but for some reason today it’s okay to have women/men only (fill in the blank). I choose to not be a part of anything that is segregated.

    I could keep rambling but I won’t waste any more of anyone’s time. Bottom line is I agree, this stuff is absurd.ReplyCancel

  • kristi - July 10, 2012 - 2:57 pm

    I had not yet heard anything about this so called magazine, but you completely hit the nail on the head…..There have been so many ridiculous products put out in the last few years that have been completely geared toward female photographers ( let’s start with the silly patterned camera straps that kind of launched it all….followed closely by the camera bags designed to look like purses, blech!) It is time for this stuff to stop. Heavens, I laughed SO hard at your Dix magazine comparison. THAT is funny stuff! Thanks for taking a stand!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - July 10, 2012 - 3:09 pm

    Friggin’ Amazing! You are toooo funny and on point dear sir! hahahahah.. The men’s magazine had me quite tickled. and to answer your question… This is absolutely 100% bologna. Just another way for someone who thinks they understand the industry to market to the MWAC’s and steal all their money.. I have a pretty solid feeling the true professionals won’t be fueling this magazines revenue. :) Very good word and GREAT perspective!ReplyCancel

  • Brandi - July 10, 2012 - 4:31 pm

    I agree 100%. As a photographer who happens to be female I feel like that ‘magazine’ only increases the divide between men and women where there doesn’t need to be one. I was pretty turned off by it. I mean hell, I love to shop but that has NOTHING to do with me being a photographer.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Glorioso - July 10, 2012 - 7:07 pm

    Thank you. I have been angry about this magazine since I came across it this morning. I wrote to the director of PIX and she said of the publication: “It is meant to me light and fun and is a vast departure from the more serious reporting we do in our core publications.” Womendo not need serious reporting about thier choosen field? PLEASE!ReplyCancel

  • jennifer - July 10, 2012 - 11:00 pm

    I don’t feel it’s offensive at all if they choose to target women who happen to be photographers. Women ARE interested in specific issues and concerns of women who happen to be photographers. I would not be offended if a Male Photographer magazine came out talking about issues specific to men who happen to be photographers. Live and let live.ReplyCancel

  • Ann - July 11, 2012 - 12:31 am

    It’s a bullshit magazine aimed at the many newbies who’ve added the word “photographer” to the end of their name, yet they know nothing about the tech side-or even photography in general. Just another thing to cheapen the industry. A Men’s Magazine geared towards the same is probably already in the works.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Reseburg - July 11, 2012 - 1:44 pm

    Here’s who it’s aimed at:

    “I love snapping pix of my kids…and my kids’ friends….and I have a Facebook page. I don’t wanna have to worry about confusing lights and flashes, or confusing manual settings…but I’m gonna take that $50 I just made off my “photo shoot” and buy myself a fancy new lens skin to make my lens look all snazzy and pretty. TEE HEE”

    THAT’S the target market. Count me out.ReplyCancel

  • Jorge R Gonzalez - July 20, 2012 - 10:07 pm

    Wait Parker isn’t this mag just perfect for all the moms with cameras that are flodding the “pro” photographers market?
    Isn’t this magazine something that a marketing guru like J Star would publish?
    It would seem this magazine is going for the people that worry how they look while doing any type of activity, it just happens to be photography, which is your passion. Would you so upset if this was a golfing magazine for women?
    You listed women photographers as an example to state your point, but to me they are first artist that happen to be women.
    The publisher of “Chicks with a camera”(Pix) are after superficial women that happen to use a camera to take snapshots.

    I’m reminded of Smith and Wesson which came up with the idea of making pink guns for women. Many women got upset but also many others bought them.ReplyCancel

  • Ren allen - July 25, 2012 - 10:38 pm

    Pesonally, I want information about pjotography when I buy a magazine…not fluff. I’ll stick with Rangefinder and Professional Photographer thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Madelyn Rubin - August 9, 2012 - 8:35 am

    They’re obviously trying to offer a new product by capturing the increasing number of female photographers…in other words, make some bucks, by filling a gap. However, I do like their title about fitness. I think there is a gap, but for all photographers. We need a lot more articles on fitness, eating healthy, especially when we have 10 hour days. We need articles discussing putting clauses in our contracts about realistic breaks (we are still human) and more. We sit for hours in front of our computers without taking regular breaks. I have seen too many photographers focus on their art and ignore one of their most important pieces of equipment: their bodies. And there are other gaps that a good photography magazine could talk about: marketing and networking. But, yes, I see these articles as a need for women and men alike.ReplyCancel

  • Tim Driver - August 16, 2012 - 3:04 pm

    Is it jiust another magazine company trying to make a fast buck – I dont see the mainstream magazines as sexist – so can only think someone thinks they can see a niche for marketingReplyCancel

  • Stacie Frazier - December 27, 2012 - 12:17 am

    I too found it offensive…at first glance. But then I looked at the magazine description again and realized it was a LIFESTYLE magazine, not a photography magazine, geared towards women. And honestly, makeup running is an issue for me, so I actually appreciated that article.ReplyCancel

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